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Look back at my journey

It's been four years that I no longer set goals for myself. For four years, I pursued the idea that "the best goal is no goal". No goals absolute doesn’t mean you stop achieving things. It means you stop letting yourself be limited by goals.

1428km solo scooter trip -Part 1

Every time I think about a trip with my motorbike, my friends always said that the Honda Lead scooter can not drive on the Ho Chi Minh trail. So I threw that idea into the trash. Until this conversation with Tristan, he inspired me to pack the backpack and go. ALONE!...

Things I’ve learned in 2020

2020 taught us a great lesson that "Life is uncertain" by the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak. It changed the global economy and our small career path. But it is also our opportunity to live more slowly and to contemplate many life lessons.