What is a Bucket list?

What is a bucket list? It is a list of all the goals you want to achieve, dreams you want to fulfill, and life experiences you wish to experience before you die. A bucket list helps you maximize the incredible experiences in your life.

A bucket list is a personal journey between you and your aspirations. There is no right or wrong way of designing a bucket list, no one specific prescription. It inspires, motivates you to wake up each morning. It is a fire burning deep within your soul.
It’s not a to-do-list or things you have to do, but the things that your inner voice is telling you, the things you desire and belonging to.

Every man dies; Not every man really lives.

William Ross Wallace

Some people die at 25 and are not buried until 75.

Benjamin Franklin

Create your own Bucket list

Let’s put aside the story of paying bills, social prejudices, and give yourself moments to relax and listen to yourself to understand what your heart desires. Ask yourself: “If you weren’t limited by time, money, and other resources, what would you do?”
The journey to discover and understand oneself is not within a day or two. As long as you keep it in your mind, you will find the answer in a Eureka moment.
You can also refer to the book “The Book of Ikigai: Discover the Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life in Just Twelve Weeks” with small daily exercises to help you listen to yourself and find what you really want.

Find inspiration for your Bucket list

Let find inspiration from Bucket List of friends in the world.
Bucketlist.org is the most popular bucket list community with over 3.5 million ideas. You can see the simple idea as: “Learn how to crack an egg with one hand” – 1.4k added it – 36 done it hay “Walk behind a waterfall” – 7.4k added it – 899 done it. It’s fun to see someone who shares the same thing you want to experience and do it together.

BucketList.net – Another community to help make your bucket list, where the ideas seem endless. The interesting thing in Bucketlist.net is the “Let’s swap” feature – where you can get help from others to achieve your goals. One swap I just read is “If you are finished with the book Forgiveness by Mark Sakamoto I would love to borrow/have it. What book can I send you in return? I might have something interesting.”. It is a great place for you to make new friends.

BuckitDream – A mobile app helps you build your own bucket list, plus share your dreams to inspire others.

iWish – Another mobile app helps you keep track of your bucket list by small to-do-lists and you can see how many % you have completed your bucket list.

BucketlistJourney by Annette – This is an interesting blog created by Annette. She shares the tools and inspiration to live your bucket list one checkmark at a time.

My bucket list – The things I want because of my deep feelings, which I will be delighted to experience; not because of the fame, the money, or the things that society wants. I’m still exploring the world and continue to add more exciting things to the bucket list.

Deadline – should or shouldn’t?

Setting a deadline for the bucket list is quite common, but I do not appreciate this. Setting deadlines puts you under pressure that “you-have-to-do-it”. Crafting a life with a clear, predictable plan makes things less attractive.
I like to keep the bucket list in mind and do it at the right time when everything is ready. Because there are so many things that we cannot control in this life.

It doesn’t matter whether your bucket list is long or short. Don’t compare your bucket list with anyone’s bucket list. Just listen to your heart, what are the things that you are really happy when you write it down and find ways to make it happen.

Wishing you would find the little voice in your mind and  “follow your heart”.

– Flav –

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