Romantic and Inspiring Travel Couples


“Travelling is not about where you go, but who you are with.”

Dare to leave everything to fulfill the dream of traveling the world, becoming a travel influencer has been difficult. Finding a soul mate on that journey was even more difficult.

When you go alone, although a bit lonely, you can comfortably do whatever you like, can go anywhere you want following your feelings and heart.
When you travel with someone, you must learn to reduce your ego to reach a common destination. Two hearts that enough beat as one to draw a dream, a path together. Two souls must enough thoroughly understand each other to face the difficulties together, overcome all obstacles together on the journey is always new, full of challenges and surprises.

In this article, I write about the inspirational travel couples, about their path to becoming influencers, their own styles and the interesting things of each couple.

1. Explorerssaurus_

The stylish photos of Raquel & Miguel have attracted more than 800,000 followers on Instagram @explorerssaurus_ in just nearly two years. Each photo Raquel & Miguel posted is romantic and unique. Surely, you will be fascinated with the beautiful scenes, sexy body, the full of loving eyes of the couple and the poses that are not easy to do.
Raquel & Miguel started their stories from a distant love. While one was studying in Portugal, the other was working in Spain, they decided to meet once a month in different countries. They start to capture great moments with pictures from at that time. In January 2019, they left their jobs and started their journey to explore the world and follow their dreams.
With a big following, Raquel & Miguel focuses on business from the Photo Filters and Instagram Story Templates. And the couple also created fashion brand namely Mirah Studio.

Instagram: @explorerssaurus_
Fashion brand:

2. Christian LeBlanc & Katy Esquivel

Christian LeBlanc and Katy Esquivel both owned their own media channels before they met each other. Now, although they always accompany the journeys, they continue to build their own brands independently.
At age 22, a Canadian man – Christian LeBlanc – decided to quit his accounting job, sell everything he owned and scrape together “just enough money for a one-way ticket” back to Bangkok – where he used to make videos of his travels on an exchange program at his last year of university. Because he realized, no amount of money or success would make us happy if we weren’t doing what we loved. He lived like a “broke backpacker” for a year before his YouTube business took off. Currently, his Youtube channel – Lost LeBlanc, has 1.5 million followers and his Instagram @lostleblanc has 700.000 followers. The content on his Youtube channel has a unique style, from the footage, the content, to his voice and his body language.
His revenue stream comes from the revenue stream is YouTube-related brand deals. Number two is the video editing courses and the travel guide courses that he sells. The third revenue stream is his affiliate income, the URLs on his Youtube. The fourth is his YouTube ad revenue. After five years of trial and error, he had been able to build a 7-figure business.
Katy Esquivel is a 1.58-meter woman from Peru. In 2011, Katy developed a Youtube channel from the advice of another YouTuber. Initially, Katy developed a Youtube channel in English, but her followers grew rapidly when she changed to Spanish. She currently owns two Youtube channels in Spanish with 7 million followers (5.5 million for Whatthechic that about beauty, and 1.5 million for Katy Travels that about travel). Katy’s Instagram @whatthechic attracted 2.4 million followers.

Although Christian and Katy broke up and have been going on their own way, their journey together is beautiful and inspirational.

Instagram: @lostleblanc, @whatthechic
Youtube: Lost LeBlanc, Katy Travels, Whatthechic


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