Bucket List

Flav's bucket list

What is Bucket list? It is a list of all the goals you want to achieve, dreams you want to fulfill, and life experiences you wish to experience before you die.

This is my bucket list. It’s created by deep conversations with myself, the things I’m really happy to experience. It is not built on fame, desire for money, or what society sees as success.

Sometimes, I review and remove things that I don’t feel right for me anymore and add things that I feel connect with in my current journey.

Update: 12 Febuary, 2024

✓  Travel overseas alone
✓  Living in another country for more than 6 months
✓  New Year in other countries
✓  Hitch-hike
✓  Become a professional Freelancer
✓  Driving manual motorbike (~3000km in South Ameria)
✓  Exploring South America
✓  Exploring Peru
✓ Machu Picchu (I end up by not trekking and driving motorbike 200km and hiking 10km following the train road)
Experiencing Skylodge Hotel (I stayed in Sacred valley 3 months but I chose to not experience Skylodge hotel)
✓  Teaching in a high school
✓  Visit a solar power plant
✓  Visit a wind farm
✓  Experiencing Casino

(on progress)
~ Learn how to play violin
~ Learn how to make “salty coffee”
~ Design my working room at home
~ Making a rooftop garden
~ Coaching: How to become a professional freelancer
~ Create my dream team
~ A digital art Instagram account
~ A blog about travel and freelancing life
~ A Youtube channel about becoming a freelancer
~ Learn to be an active listener

Living in Europe for one year at least
Living in an attic room
~ Design & build a small house and a small garden
~ Travel the world with my soulmate
~ Snorkeling (still need support from other people)
~ Explore a primary forest
Explore Sri Lanka
~ Explore Japanese countryside and learn more about Japanese culture
~ Explore Ho’oponopono and the sacredness of Hawaii land
~ Enjoy wine in a grape garden in New Zealand
~ Relax on Alps mountain, like the “Heidi, Girl of the Alps” movie
~ Travel 11 countries in Southeast Asia (4/11)
~ Travel 88 countries (9/88)
~ Covering 50% Couchsurfing map
~ Host 100 Couchsurfers (10/100)
~ Translate a lifestyle book
~ Write a book
~ Get married to someone I love so much
~ Making a “lagom” wedding by us and our friends

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