Applying for a Bolivian visa and the requirements to enter Bolivia

In this post, I would like to share with you: how to apply for a Bolivian visa, the requirements to enter Bolivia, how to extend the visa, and other requirements when you travel in Bolivia.

How to apply for a Bolivian visa

To apply for a Bolivian visa, firstly, you need to apply online on this website:

You need to fill out the form, and upload a passport photo and some documents:
– Itinerary / Travel Plan
– Your passport
(I scaned by my phone and put it in a PDF file)
– Proof of economic solvency
– Book accommodation

Please note that each file needs to be less than 500kB.

After applying online, you will get the form with a code that is valid for 15 days. The only thing you need to do next is print that form. Then you bring the form with your passport to the Bolivian consulate near you. You need to pay $0 or $30 depending on your nationality. You can find it out in here: You don’t need to pay any fee if you’re in Group II, and you pay $30 if you’re in Group III. For Group II, the Standard Processing Time for Visa at the Consulate takes 24 hours.
You can apply for 30 days visa and after entering Bolivian, you can extend the visa to 90 days.

I applied online and come to the Bolivian consulate in Calama, Chile. Even though they don’t speak English, and I don’t speak Spanish, they still support me very quickly. I printed all the documents but they did not need them. They only need the form with the code and my passport. After checking my personal information and the fee I need to pay, they give me the passport in less than 1 working hour. And for a Vietnamese, I don’t need to pay any fee.

Requirements to enter Bolivia

I enter Boliva by bus from Calama to Uyuni. I read online that you need to have travel insurance and a leaving ticket. But on the border from Calama to Uyuni, they did not ask anything of it. I only need to show my visa and fill out a form, nothing more.

Because I’m Vietnamese, on both Chile and Bolivian borders, they need more time to check my passport. Even though I’m leaving Chile but they still need longer time than other people. While I’m waiting they check my passport, I also see they’re done process for 6 other foreign 😀

Extend Bolivian visa

You can extend your Bolivian visa from 30 days to 90 days. You can do it easily in any immigration in big cities. The Immigration Department in La Paz only supports you to extend your visa less than 10 days before your visa expires. The Immigration Department in Uyuni supports you to extend your visa anytime before your visa expires. Some other Immigration Departments only extend your visa 5 days before your visa expires.

Other requirements when you staying in Bolivia

We only found this information from other travelers then we come to immigration to ask and confirm information.

When you’re staying in Bolivia, you need to register the addresses you stay at. You do it online on this website:

You click on create a foreign account and fill out your personal information. After registering, you log in with the username is your passport number and the password is also your passport number. Then you declare the addresses you stay at.

Wish you have a great trip to Bolivia!

4 replies to “Applying for a Bolivian visa and the requirements to enter Bolivia”

  1. Thanks! That was what I am looking for.
    I am in a category 2.

    Just curious; do you know if we are not be able to register on-line and apply for visa in advance at some Bolivian consulates, can we just go to the border (border on the route Calama to Uyuni) and apply for visa on arrival ?

    And for this visa on arrival, do we need to register on-line in advance? or just go to the border?

    My apologies if you don’t know this matter.

    I will certainly try to do it on-line and go to a consulate in Buenos Aires, but just in case that I ‘m not abke to do it. Thanks


    1. Hi Paruhus,
      I know some people in Group 2 apply the VOA visa and they have to pay the fee is $100 and maybe they request more documents. For VOA visa, I guess you don’t need to apply online.
      I recommend you apply online and go to consulate next day and get the visa in less than 1 day. It’s cheaper and you’re sure that you have a visa.

  2. Hi Flav,

    I am under country group II and will be overlanding from San Pedro Atacama to Bolivia, similar situation as yours. I’ve signed up 3 days circuit tour from San Pedro Atacama to Bolivia and was concern the time taken for visa on arrival (VOA) at the border as I was afraid the group will not wait for me due to prolong visa processing time. Were you with any tour or travel on your own during the border crossing? I find very limited information on visa for asian.
    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Ling,
      Sorry for answering this late.
      I travel on my own and cross the border on my own. You can easily apply for the visa online and then go to the consulate to get the visa (if there is any consulate near you). It’s much cheaper than a VOA visa and also make sure that you have the visa before you arrive.

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